What is an Andorran ‘borda’?

Andorran ‘bordas’ are similar to the typical pubs or eateries that can be found around Spain, especially in the north, but with Andorra’s own touch and stamp. In these establishments you can try dishes that are typical of Andorra in a charming place full of history.

Architecture is one of the best things left of these eateries that used to keep crops and animals. In most cases, these places are rustic, constructed artisanally and renovated but only just enough to be able to offer comfortable spaces without altering the essence of the building.

The cuisine offered at these “bordes” (the name given to them in the Pyrenees), consists basically of food from the mountains, with an overwhelming amount available in the winter months, with lots of red and game meat and lots of organic vegetables. All these are found in small villages and distinguished mountainous settlements.

In an Andorran borda the following typical dishes of the Principality are a must-try. Well, this is if you are not a vegetarian because the traditional food and famous dishes in Andorra are largely based around meat:

. Good Andorran cannelloni with chicken, lamb, pork and, of course, bechamel.

. The unmissable escudella, with seasonal vegetables and, again, pork.

. Trout with an Andorran twist.

. Cod, always accompanied by delicious alioli and, most of the time, ‘au gratin’.

The best thing would be for these bordas to serve just lunch, as further backed up by its strong tendency on menus. However, because of the great traditional evening ambiance, many believe that visiting these establishments in the evenings is definitely worth it.

Some of the most famous and recognised are:

  • Borda Estevet, between the streets of Comella and La Plana.
  • Borda Pairal, in Andorra La Vella.
  • Borda Vella, in Encamp.
  • Borda d’Erts, in Erts.

If you’re a lover of home cooked and mountain food, you will love les bordes. With that being said, you’ll have to book a table quite early on, especially during international holidays (Easter, the main summer months and, of course, winter)

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