Typical summer dishes from Andorra


Gastronomy in Andorra changes throughout the seasons, as it happens in all mountain places with climates ranging from the extreme cold, with heavy snowfalls, to endless sunny days. So now that summer days are coming, stew pots are stored in Andorra, fires in fireplaces are extinguished and salads, fruits and juices are enjoyed outside.

Traditional dishes, especially winter dishes, are based on pork products, sausages and meats, which are cooked in stews or grilled. Some of the names are inspired in the Catalan cuisine, of which Andorra has adopted many elements: llangonissas, loin, pâtés, Catalan sausage, the famous bulls de llengua… All these perfect recipes for cold weather give way in summer to escalibadas, forest fruit, fishes (like the pallaresa trout), cheeses and vinaigrettes.

The rabbit with tomato is also a very traditional dish, eaten almost throughout the year, but it is especially delicious in summer, when tomatoes are at their best. And the pâtés, inspired by the French, with delicious handmade breads, combined with marmalade of forest fruit harvested in the woods of the Pyrenees and quince jelly.

Platos de verano típicos de Andorra

If you are thinking about visiting Andorra in summer and you are going to be in the Principality in July and August, do not miss the gastronomic cycle Sabors del Món: you will be able to try all the traditional recipes in one day, with all the summer and winter tastes to your liking. From the most daring gourmets to the classical ones.

A good menu, surrounded by nature and with all the care the people from Andorra put in everything they do is a pleasure of life you cannot miss. At our hotels in Canillo, Ordino and Andorra la Vella you will find thousands of proposals for you to discover the most delicious tastes of this country.

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