The 5 healthiest dishes of the gastronomy of the Pyrenees

Gastronomía pirenaica

Andorra’s gastronomy might be a bit strange. The most typical dishes one can savour in Andorra are typical dishes of a mountain gastronomy, with a clear presence of products such as mushrooms, game meat and poultry and river fishes. However, this first sensation of uncertainty disappears as soon as one sits at the table in Andorra.

Quince jelly alioli, rostes amb mel (pork fillets with honey), chicory salad, civet de jabalí (wild boar stew), grilled snails… The sound of the names of the specialties of Andorra’s gastronomy comes with a great variety of tastes and touches that surprise with their force and expressivity.

At Plaza Andorra we are conscious that there are lots of dishes to be savoured in Andorra. That is why we want to help you. Here you are 5 gastronomic recommendations that will allow you to learn more about Andorra:

  1. Escudella de pagès. If you want to warm up, we recommend you this dish. It is a delicious mountain soup with legumes, pork meat and vegetables; the escudella is a perfect soup for the cold days of winter and for paying gastronomic tributes.
  2. Trinxat de montaña. It is a very typical dish made of potatoes, green cabbage, bacon and garlic; the combination of cabbage and potato gives it a special taste, and the bacon provides a fabulous salty counterpoint. If you try it with Cim de Cel, the wine elaborated at the highest altitudes in Europe, you will become an authentic Andorran.
  3. Rostes al mel. Rostes in Catalan means slices. It is a very popular dish in Andorra whose main ingredient is pork slices cooked in honey and vinegar, which gives it a characteristic sweet and sour taste. The secret of the rostes? The softness of the meat slices. That is the key.
  4. River trout. It is true, Andorra has no sea, but it is bathed by the rivers where trouts are traditionally fished, and there is a long gastronomic tradition with fish. If you like river trout, you will be able to savour it roasted, grilled, marinated with wine… and with the side dish you like.
  5. Andorran desserts are comprised by a wide range of sweet options. We encourage you to try the brossat (a type of fresh cheese), the blackberry jam (which you will surely love), the panellets and the torrijas, the coca masegada (with its pleasant touch of liqueur) and any of the fruits of the country.

Gastronomía Andorra

We have offered you 5 healthy specialties of the Andorran cuisine, but if you are a foodie you have to know that there are many more typical specialties, such as the costelles a la losa (grilled chops), partridge bird with vinaigrette, grilled veal, rabbit with tomato… Lots of delicious experiences are waiting for you in your next trip to Andorra.

And if you want to try these delicacies, the restaurant of the Ski Plaza Hotel and the La Cúpula Restaurant of the Plaza Andorra Hotel are the perfect option. Bon appétit!



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