Summer, children… and lots of nature

Andorra verano

We’re nearing the end of the school year. The countdown to having the little ones causing mayhem in the house is closeby and the worst thing you could do is not be prepared because you know the madness that’s coming. Well, breathe in deeply and let’s get to work. From our hotels in Andorra, we are going to make everything very easy for you: your summer holidays with the children and lots of nature.

Chase, discover, learn and relax in the outdoors… In Andorra, you can make this come to life. For once, change the beach for mountains and you’ll see. With a milder and fresher climate, which is ideal for any kind of outdoor sport or activity, in the mountains of the Principality you’ll have everything from natural parks to theme parks like Naturalandia.

In either or, you’ll discover an endless possibility of flora and fauna to teach your children to respect the environment, animals; their habits and their habitats. At the same time, your children will breathe in the fresh air away from the city and zones of mass tourism where you can immerse yourselves in the culture of this historical country, getting to know different people and getting over fears of the new and the unknown.

You will also be able to show them the importance of water and how man has used it throughout history. And you can do this in a place that will win them over at first glance like the emblematic Caldea Spa Centre, where there is now an adults-only zone, meaning that, whilst the little ones are playing and enjoying themselves, you can treat yourself to a few minutes in the Jacuzzi or the sauna, recuperating your energy and combating stress.

The cuisine is yet another plus. Children won’t enjoy it as much, but you, yes you, are going to enjoy it a lot. This is because Andorra is a land full of high-quality delicious products with rich dishes like “escudella” (a traditional Catalan soup & stew), baked rabbit, grilled meat with honey and Andorran trout. The wines are an extra advantage given that they are made natively and are excellent in body and flavour. To sum up, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting the Andorran border if you really want a proper holiday in the Principality.

In order for you to organise your stay, below we have given you a list of some places you can’t miss out on during your visit with the kids to Andorra this summer:

  • Narturalandia.
  • Caldea
  • Mont Magic Canillo
  • Vallnord Mountain Park
  • Palau de Gel (ice skating rink open all year round)
  • Scalada [Cirque du Soleil show (July, Andorra)]

Before booking any concrete or separate plans, consult availability at our hotels in Andorra because, in the offers and experiences section on our official website, you can find stays and plans in Andorra at unique prices. Thus, you will only save money and not miss out on fun and relaxation.

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