Signature cuisine in the Pyrenees

Gastronomy is a vital experience, an authentic flavour makes an unforgettable journey; the magic of  products full of history… Signature cuisine in the Pyrenees represents the excellence of tradition that Andorra has always maintained. There are many restaurants all over different communities of the country, some in the capital city centre and others in small villages in the mountains. Choosing the best is not possible as each one represents its own flavour, but, trying them as part of a gastronomic route is a must.

In Andorra, like in many mountain places, everything happens around a table. However, in these signature restaurants, everything is also cooked on private burners, in an exquisite atmosphere. Therefore, this holiday, do not forget to set aside an evening for a special meal at one of the most exclusive restaurants in Andorra. Below are some examples:

La Cúpula Restaurant. You will find this at our Plaza Hotel, in Andorra la Vella, with a menu full of signature proposals including the best of classic Andorran cuisine, reinvented with fusion touches and its own seal. Recognised by the Gourmand Guide.

Delicious Restaurant. In Escaldes – Engordany, this restaurant offers an exquisite combination of signature and mediterranean dishes with a delicious daily menu that always includes a surprise. Uses local high-quality products and its specialty is meat.  

Erts Restaurant. As well being surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes in Andorra, located in Erts, La Massana, this restaurant is a reference for dishes with their own seal. Original, fresh, distinct flavours and always made from high-quality products.

Merlot Restaurant. In Soldeu, Canillo, this restaurant is one of the most famous in the zone for its careful handling of products from the soil, fine wine and culinary proposals that give the element of surprise. Signature dishes and market food, according to the season.

Més Bo Restaurant. One of the most central restaurants in Andorra la Vella that stands out for its wide offer of gourmet dishes on its menu, as well as its tapas, portions and ‘pinchos’ made fresh with delicious traditional Andorran products.

Nou Vertical Restaurant. Recognised for its signature cuisine, innovative flavours, location in Ordino and excellent service. Works with unique ingredients and varied recipes with inspiration from Argentinian cuisine and local products.

Remember to always make your reservation early as the majority of these restaurants seat no more than 50 (and some not even 25). The advantage is that, if you get a table, you will receive exclusive and personalised service. Perfect for trying the best of this unique country.

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