Plaza Andorra Hotels with UNICEF and children


We have been driven mad with happiness. And very proud. For our partners at Unicef Andorra have awarded us the recognition for the Most Collaborative Hotel Chain Establishment of 2016 for the programme: One Chance For Children. An award that recognises an entire decade of work that would not have been possible without your help, as our guests.

According to data collected by the Unicef Committee of Andorra, Plaza Andorra Hotel has helped raise 37,455 euros since 2003, something that would not have been possible without the support of our guests (anyone who wishes can contribute 1 euro), the efforts of our staff and the commitment of Plaza Andorra Hotels’ management team.

With these three pillars and the clear mission of being able to use our good fortune to contribute to a cause that deserves the respect of everybody, we will continue fighting to honour this award, as further stated by the director of our hotel: Maria Torres at the award-giving.

However, we recognise that the best reward is knowing that all the donations we have made over the years has gone to the fight against AIDS in Congo and Cameroon. A fight which is still continuing and which we want to keep on strengthening.

Marta Alberch, director of Unicef Andorra, declared during the ceremony that in the latter country, “the transmission of HIV in mothers and newborns is about to come to an end” thanks to all the work carried out with the help of the donations given in Andorra. In Congo, the programme is concentrating on granting access to health services to all the native population (pygmies) and guaranteeing them basic assistance.

What is One Chance for Children?

One Chance for Children is an agreement signed by the Unicef committee of Andorra with the tourist industry of the Principality. Their objective is to guarantee the protection of infants’ rights in third world countries that need it most. They specifically want to succeed in the improvement of right to health and the prevention of serious and deadly diseases that affect these populations.

Plaza Andorra Hotels has been collaborating with this initiative since the very start, with every year aiming to improve the numbers of the previous one and moving forwards achieving the final goal. The protection of children in both first and third world countries is something that everyone seeks. Because of this, at our family hotels, the little ones are our most important guests and their smile is our greatest success.

Help us look after our children and protect future generations with Plaza Andorra Hotels.

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