It’s never too late to learn how to ski


Learning how to ski is possible at practically any age. On the ski slopes of Andorra, like Vallnord or Grandvalira, you’ll find specialised ski schools for all levels, ages or preferences. They have everything for first-timers with zero experience in ski sports, for more experiences ones who want to perfect their style or for pros who want to improve their techniques.

There are also ski classes for children and pekeparks (ski parks for kids), like the one in Vallnord, which resembles the best snow parks you can imagine where your little ones can learn how to ski whilst playing, building igloos and snowmen. For babies, there are babyclubs which have been built inside courts, as if they were day care centres, so they can play and enjoy themselves safely whilst parents go off and practice their favourite sport.

In the zone of Arcalís, there’s a special 12-day course with a qualified instructor for children aged between 3-12 years old. For older children between the ages of 6-17 and those older than 18 years old, there are also similar intensive courses that run for 4 or 2 hours a day, according to availability. Students have their own specific courses which are only organised in the Spanish winter season holidays (Christmas, the Three Wise Men, Carnival and Easter). This option is directed at educational centres, schools and student associations as a kind of leisure alternative and sports reinforcement.

The school in Grandvalira differs from the one in Vallnord. At the former, you’ll have at your disposal more than 400 qualified instructors for the whole season distributed between the adults and children’s school as well as the Sky&Mountain Academy, which focuses on specialised courses for those who want to try their hand at freestyle or mountain skiing. And let us not forget snowboarding, which always unites people in their thousands looking for emotion and energy-fuelled experiences. In fact, there are drop zones especially reserved for them.

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The health benefits of skiing

Skiing is a sport discipline which has lots of health benefits. However, care is required as not knowing the proper techniques can lead to dangerous falls. However, when you really know how to ski, this sport is an excellent way to combat stress, cardiovascular diseases and it helps you improve your balance, the flexibility of your joints, resistance, agility and concentration.

However it’s important to keep in mind that before practicing the spot, you should always get a complete health check-up. People that suffer from hypertension have to be careful not to head too high on the slopes as the altitude can be bad for them. However, if you’re unable to ski for whatever reason, you can always take part in less demanding activities like snow racket excursions or sledging.

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