Hydrotherapy before sunbathing

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Ready for summer? Well, of course; we are all ready to embrace the most enjoyable, sunny and adventurous time of the year meant for HOLIDAYS. Unless you are someone who waits for September to go on holiday, normally the longest holidays take place in summer and, therefore, right now, during this heavenly time of peace, it is essential you’re prepared in advance.

What for? So you can really enjoy your holiday like you deserve. We are sure that a lot of the time when you’ve gone on holiday, it’s taken you a few days to disconnect from your usual frantic routine, which is completely normal. Your body adjusts to everything; the good and the bad and eventually breaks away from this trying routine whereby you have to get up early and be on the ball all day without having a break.

For this, a lot of people have come up with a solution which is to plan their main holiday after having spent a week or 4 days away beforehand to relax. Yes, plan a mini break before the main event to a quiet place away from your daily routine; a place with lots of nature and programmes full to the brim of leisure and relaxation proposals centred around your well being.

Many opt for spiritual retreats or meditation breaks which are beneficial for retaining balance, closing the doors to past stages in your life. However, if your aim isn’t to meditate, why not plan a few days in a thermal haven or at a hotel that boasts excellent spa facilities. Water is one of the most important elements in restoring mind & body balance and one of the most stimulating resources for relaxing in a short space of time.

With hydrotherapy brings about another bonus in that the waters of thermal spas contain minerals and elements that provide different natural health benefits. Whether this is through the use of steam for respiratory problems or the play of thermal elements, offered by the exceptionally high temperature of these kinds of waters.

Spas do not always use thermal waters but normal water, appropriately filtered and purified to provide a series of circuits and programmes to help ease joints and muscles. With the addition of adequate elements, these waters are also ideal for skin or specific respiratory treatments.

Enjoy a spa weekend by applying these two conditions: have a health check-up to make sure you don’t have any problems that could be affected by spending all day in these humid spaces and enjoy these days completely to yourself, with no responsibilities or obligations; only you.

At our hotels in Andorra we offer programmes that are specifically designed with spa & wellness treatments for you to enjoy before summer makes an appearance. Reasonably-priced and accompanied by first-rate accommodation, these wellness experiences are the best aid in preparing your mind & body for summer so you can enjoy your holiday without restraints. Consult availability on our official website and don’t think twice. Let things happen swimmingly.

Treat yourself to a summer of health and wellness. Treat yourself to Plaza Andorra Hotels.

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