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Get ready for summer. Yes, right now! It’s always important to take care of yourself, but over the next few months, when the sun arrives, is when a brief break is very convenient for recuperating from the wintertime to party and enjoy chilling out during one of the most relaxed times of the year. The most important routines in life are eating well, exercising and taking time to rest, relax and disconnect from working life. Given how difficult this is to do at home, we, at Hotels Plaza Andorra, suggest holidaying with us in Andorra, where we will take care of you and your well-being.

March and April are the perfect times of year to enjoy the Principality of Andorra. Gone is the winter and in its place you’ll discover a natural paradise of intense greenery, lush forests and trails that will lead you to places with spectacular views where you can almost touch the sky. What’s more, during this time of the year, you’ll discover more reasonable prices for your holiday.

The deals and promotions available at hotels in Andorra like those by Hotels Plaza Andorra will allow you to escape for a few days to relax and contemplate life in this stunning corner of the Pyrenees, without burning a hole in your wallet. We have deals available that can be adapted to your needs and ideas about how you want to spend your holiday.

Whilst being surrounded by nature, this could be the ideal time to take advantage of the best spa & wellness centres with your family, partner or friends. This is because in places like Caldea, you can go with the kids and, whilst they’re having fun, you can go for a nice swim or relax on a comfortable float.

Our spa hotels in Andorra offer personalised treatments with the latest facilities which are adults-only. You can opt for a detox regime (together with the healthy dishes you’ll find in our restaurants) and enjoy our Sultane de Saba beauty treatment, alqvimia body sculptor treatment or CellCosmet facial which you can book directly online via the SPA section on our official website.

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Exercise outside in the open air is also a plus. At springtime in Andorra, you can enjoy all kinds of sports, from golf to climbing. You choose your limits. All the sport you practice outside the gym will help purify your skin for the spring sun, oxygenate your body and activate your metabolism, cellular regeneration and circulation. What’s more, all this will help you clear your mind so that you can focus your energies on what it most important: you and your health.

Gastronomy should also be considered an important element in this. Although you shouldn’t have to give up your vices, make sure your diet is centered around fruit and vegetables. The intake of carbohydrates should be controlled but not completely cut out, especially if you practice regular exercise. Striving for balance is basic. And so you start off the right way, you’ll find, in our restaurants, many choices to help you choose the best healthy options for you. Talk to our team of chefs if you have any allergies as this is vital when offering you our best possible service. We’re waiting for you!

Disconnect, rejuvenate and take care of yourself with Hotels Plaza Andorra

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