Escudella de Sant Antoni and other healthy dishes


Taking advantage of the fact that it’s January and that some of the great celebrations of Andorra are celebrated this first month of the year, we invite you to make a trip to the principality to celebrate these festivities with us and to try some of its classic dishes like escudellada de Sant Antoni, a broth with meat that is eaten every January 17 in the villages of the Pyrenees. Book your hotel in Andorra and come and celebrate one of the most delicious & popular appointments on the calendar in Andorra with us.

From the oven

Andorran cuisine presents numerous ways to make your most traditional dishes. One of the healthiest is their roasts. The quality of the meat, especially of game, and its great variety, make the dishes as simple as the baked deer and are authentic culinary jewels, suitable for all palates. They’re a good base of protein and have a low caloric intake. To do this, avoid heavy sauces and opt for apple or blueberry compotes that combine perfectly with this type of meat and give it a unique gourmet touch.

Baked fish is also a very baited option. Hake with baked potato is one of the infallible dishes: fresh and clean fish is placed on a baking tray with a background of rolled potatoes and onions cut into very thin strips. With a dash of oil and white wine, cook over medium-low heat and it’s ready for eating. The recipe is usually prepared with hake, but also works very well with desalted cod.

In vinaigrette

The mixture of flavors, as we have said in other occasions in this blog, is one of the most personal characteristics of Andorra cuisine. Bittersweet vinaigrettes are basic. And, in this section, there is nothing healthier and low in fat than a partridge in vinaigrette: the poultry remains as if it was pickled and it presents a soft and creamy texture to the palate.


When it comes to eating a healthy diet, salads and dishes with crudités are a must. Since it’s winter and eating a salad is less appealing than in summer, in Andorra we have some proposals that combine proteins and vegetables in such a way that they provide a unique healthy, rich and consistent dish… with very few calories! The Andorran chicken salad is one of the tastiest: lettuce, tomato, walnuts and grilled chicken breast gratin with dices of skim cheese on top.

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