Debuting the wedding season in Andorra


Although it’s simply amazing to get married in Andorra with snow as the backdrop, doing it in spring is just as special. The mountains go back to their intense green colour, the natural light is impeccable and the countryside is full of colour and flowers, setting the perfect scene for saying your ‘I do’s’. It’s now when you can show off your dresses or top hats and enjoy the reception in the open air whilst being surrounded by the beauty of the Pyrenees in all its splendor.

With this being said, at Plaza Andorra Hotels, we have now opened just in time for the spring wedding high season and we have a fantastic team of organisers working non-stop. Getting married in spring in the Principality of Andorra means reserving a good space in advance, then adjusting it to your chosen theme for this special day and, at the same time, selecting the amount of rooms and services for your wedding guests.

Our wedding department in Andorra offers comprehensive and constructive advice for clients on all these points so all you have to worry about is dreaming and telling us what you would like in order to make this day the most special of your lives.

So you can start letting your imagination fly, we offer you a few suggestions of wedding trends in the Pyrenees, so you can offer your guests a unique experience, in an unbeatable place with the best services imaginable.

Salón Matisse, Holiday Inn Andorra hotel
Matisse Event room, Holiday Inn Andorra hotel

5 star weddings

Getting married doesn’t have to be a luxury, even when you want a 5 star wedding. Yes, you have to pay for quality but it doesn’t have to be expensive. At our Holiday Inn Andorra hotel, located on the street: Prat de la Creu, in the capital of the Principality, we offer one of the most exclusive spaces for holding a wedding reception: the Matisse event room.

This space is equipped with cutting edge technology and adaptable and versatile furniture so all the ideas you, our clients, have in mind can start taking shape and you can enjoy a welcoming ambiance in a high-quality place where you can relax and enjoy yourselves. Catering, service, decor and, of course, everything always 5 star quality.

Mountain weddings

In the rustic and natural environment and a touch of vintage is the latest trend in weddings. Especially now that we’re in spring and floral elements are taking centre stage, planning a wedding at a hotel that boasts traditional charm, located right in the middle of the mountains, at the foot of one of the best ski slopes in the Pyrenees is a sure thing.

Being at one with nature is now all the range with the ideal option being to book accommodation for all your guests and give them the opportunity of the fact that it is your wedding, to spend a few days in the mountains and enjoy the typical food, strolls along the village streets and go on excursions in the woods and meadows of La Cortinada and Canillo.

Contact our wedding & events department directly on the official website of Plaza Andorra Hotels.

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