An eco holiday in Andorra


Sustainable holidays are now all the range. Enjoy a nature escape and relax in a hotel surrounded by mountains or rural area, specifically designed for ecotourism wherefore popularity for conserving the environment is on the rise. This is why before summer hits, we, at Plaza Andorra Hotels suggest you visit our establishments, located in some of the most stunning places in the Principality of Andorra.

The purpose of ecotourism is for you to enjoy the great outdoors and be at one with nature. Ecotourism means environmentally-friendly trips without forfeiting comfort whilst still being aware of the environment and the multitude of riches your surroundings have to offer.

Ecotourism also means immersing yourself in the history and traditions of your destination. Getting to know the local customs, respecting and enjoying being part of the local community, building relationships with them and giving character to your trip. The results always leave you with great memories, the possibility of making lifelong friends, peace & quiet that is always evident in nature and the little things in life that we don’t notice on a daily basis.

According to, the best explanation of ecotourism is that which combines these two elements; nature and traditions:

“It is a trip where you are completely responsible for the environment, in regions off the beaten track, where you can enjoy nature and the culture of the community of this environment to promote the appreciation of these natural treasures and culture of these destinations as well as adding monetary value to them.”

To complement sustainable or ecological tourism; good accommodation, transport links and entertainment are fundamental in order for you to fully enjoy your nature escape. For example, If you’re travelling with your partner and opt for one of our hotels, take advantage of the first rays of sunlight brought on by spring by travelling to places by bike. If you prefer to travel on foot, or are not using your car and have no other option because your destination is far away, you have the option of using public transport.

Lago, Andorra

At your hotel, book rooms with views of the outdoors with large windows and decor which is conventional but also very traditional of houses in nature: made of raw and natural materials like wood, stone and ecological fabric. All this helps create a pleasant and ideal atmosphere where you can relax and completely switch off from the world.

There also has to be tasty gastronomy; enjoy authentic cuisine and forget about international and fast food. Take your time and make trying all the dishes an unforgettable experience. Try the typical dishes made from local and seasonal products, cultivated in farms within the region. Try, if you have time, to go by the market, talk to the traders and combine the delicacies with wines from the region.

If you want to join in the trend of sustainable tourism in Andorra, Plaza Andorra Hotels offers a wide range of different hotels: some located right in the midst of the mountains and others at the foot of the main ski slopes of the Principality. Choose the one that suits you best and plan your pre-summer environmentally-friendly escape with Plaza Andorra Hotels.
For sustainable tourism we recommend Plaza Andorra Hotels.

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