A summer fusion with Andorran wine

Copa de vino

There’s wine, then there’s good wine. The Vins d’Alçada (the name given to them in Andorra) are grown 1,200 metres above sea level, on terraces that contour the Andorran mountainside. It’s there where, (fighting the cold winters and surviving through all different climates which, at first, may appear inappropriate for the cultivation of vineyards) the most distinct white wine in Europe is made: Escol. This is a variety that is produced from Clos grapes and can be combined with practically any dish you serve for dinner.  

This wine is one of Andorra’s miracles. A land where snow, tobacco and livestock have always been the frontrunners, one of the more exclusive wines in central Europe is now emerging. A luxury in oenology, being that it survives long cold winters and is harvested artisanally.

To taste this wine, head to Borda Sabaté, located on the road: Carretera de la Muxella, in the town of Sant Julià de Lòria. There, amongst the tobacco fields, that are no longer like they once were, you will find this legendary family-owned private estate. Its terrains are worth a visit simply for enjoying the stunning views from the terraces on which the vineyards are cultivated. The atmosphere, that only the unique greenery of Andorra in summer offers, emulates complete calmness and quietness. This is perfect for disconnecting from the world and losing yourself in the aroma. Nature in a thousand different forms, colours and tastes.

This wine’s flavour is really what makes it the best of the best. It’s true that it’s surprising that this is due to the simple fact that it’s cultivated in the mountains, but this aspect is the reason for this incomparable taste. This is so true that wine specialists from all over the world have focused their attention on this modest wine spot in Andorra, where its cultivation is 100% eco-friendly.

Cultivating vines is an art, which this family company understands; every detail matters and the result speaks for itself. Watching the process and dedication of these people completing their daily tasks explains the exceptional result of the wine, in a beautiful landscape where you can see it grow and mature.

But if we’re talking about wines in Andorra, we shouldn’t only focus our attention on this estate in La Muxella. Along with Borda Sabaté, there are other companies that give the wine in Andorra the visibility and attention it deserves, like in the case of Casa Auvinyà. All in all, the wine “cellers” in Andorra produce around 12,000 bottles of wine every year. Diverse varieties that stand out are: Escol, Imagine, the “negres” wines of the Principality and Cim del Cel.

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