100% of flavours made in Andorra

Gastronomía andorrana

Andorra’s gastronomy has many characteristics. It’s true (and inevitable) that even though Andorra shares its borders with two of the most influential countries in cooking (France and Spain), and thus its cookbook is full of external influences, the reality is that the products, cultivation and creation is 100% Andorran.

What are these? Well there are many that we, at our hotels in Andorra, recommend to our guests. We’ll let you in on these so that when you come to visit us, you won’t forget to try them:

Artisan jams: Bringing home a jar of artisan jam prepared in Casa Gendret or Rebost del Padrí is a treat in itself. These jams are homemade, processed in a traditional way and made from ecological seasonal fruit which is authentically local. These include red berries like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, currants and blackberries. What’s more, they contain 20% less sugar than commercially-produced jams and preserve the natural nutrients found in homemade jam.  

Andorran liqueur. Ratassia de la Carmeta is a herb liqueur that has become the symbol of Andorra. Its traditional recipe contains walnuts and various types of medicinal herbs found in forest areas, the mountains or in the Andorran countryside. One of the things that makes this liqueur unique is that it is made by the same housewives that have been making it, and passing it down, for generations.

Authentic beer. Artisanal beer is now all the range, in Andorra as much as anywhere else. Andorra is the proud fabricator of two traditional brands made in the same destination; in the same traditional way without any added additives. 100% beer and 100% local: Boris and Alpha. These brands produce ale and lager which are only served in certain breweries like: Alpha in La Massana, in Era Bauro or in the Antic Carrer Major of Andorra la Vella.

Andorran cold cuts. Gourmet cold cuts in Andorra are made in the traditional way, with lots of skill, patience and raw, high-quality materials. To try them, you can pass by one of the oldest delicatessens in Andorra: Els Escaubells, in Andorra la Vella. Try the morcones (large blood sausage), longanizas (spicy pork sausage) and espetecs fuet (dry thin pork sausage). If you dare, try the bringuera (crusts and pork bacon).

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